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Paul Hummel

Agricultural Systems Engineer & Office Manager - Decatur, GA


  • Computer Software Development and Maintenance
  • Environmental Systems Modeling


Mr. Hummel is an Agricultural Engineer with a strong academic background in environmental systems and nonpoint source modeling. He has twelve years of experience in computer software design. His area of expertise is the design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of environmental computer software.

Mr. Hummel joined AQUA TERRA Consultants in 1986. His activities have included all facets of computer software development, project management, staff supervision, client relations, and report writing. Mr. Hummel has served as project manager for such tasks as developing a national bridge scour data management system (BSDMS) and investigating the use of national databases to supplement input requirements for the EPA MULTIMED model. He served as project engineer for the complete development of two screening level tools for pesticide exposure assessment. The first was for rating pesticide leaching potential to groundwater on regional, state, and local levels (PATRIOT). The second was for assessing agricultural pesticide runoff to surface water on a regional level (STREAMpc). He has recently become involved in developing interactive programs using a graphical user interface (GUI), the most significant being an estimation of missing streamflow data module for incorporation into the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water Information System (NWIS-II).

In January of 1993, Mr. Hummel became the manager of AQUA TERRA's Atlanta office. This has resulted in additional responsibility for development of project work plans, budgeting, and marketing; as well as increased involvement in staff supervision and client relations.

Professional Data

  • Cornell University - BS, Agricultural Engineering, 1986
  • American Society of Agricultural Engineers