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Paul Duda

Senior Project Engineer


  • Software Development
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Urban and Regional Planning


Mr. Duda has applied his education in environmental engineering/planning to build a broad range of experience in software development, geographic information systems (GIS), and watershed modeling applications. His combined skills and knowledge in these disciplines represents a key component of AQUA TERRA's success in developing and applying modeling codes and tools related to watershed management and assessments. He is touted for being one of a few individuals with domain-knowledge of the HSPF source code -- currently one of the most comprehensive and flexible models of watershed hydrology and water quality available (Singh and Frevert, 2006). Additionally, Mr. Duda is known for his excellent presentation and teaching skills and frequently is requested to give workshops and training sessions to facilitate applications of watershed models and modeling systems.

Mr. Duda joined AQUA TERRA Consultants in 1991, and he has been involved in an extensive range of projects. He has served as project engineer responsible for the design, development and testing of many software packages, including EPA's BASINS. He designed and implemented much of the Windows interface to HSPF in BASINS (WinHSPF), and continues to be responsible for most user support of WinHSPF. He supports AQUA TERRA watershed modeling efforts through Geographic GIS technology, performing watershed segmentation and other analyses. He has had significant roles in numerous HSPF simulations, including development of HSPF input and hydrologic calibrations, and he has been responsible for coding some recent HSPF enhancements. Mr. Duda has written customized GIS software through ArcView's Avenue, ArcObjects, and the MapWindow Open Source GIS.

Mr. Duda has experience in a variety of software tools for watershed and water quality modeling, especially HSPF and supporting software, but also including SWAT, SWMM, WASP and AQUATOX. He is an experienced user of Arc/Info and ArcGIS, and is proficient in computer programming languages ranging from Fortran 90/95 to Visual Basic. He has developed software using mapping/GIS tools such as MapWindow, MapObjects, MapObjects LT, and ArcObjects. He has taught numerous training courses, and has been responsible for managing diverse projects crossing the spectrum from software development to hydrologic calibrations to developing training workshops. He has extensive experience designing, developing, and testing Open Source software, especially through MapWindow, BASINS, and HSPF.

Professional Data

  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Master of City Planning, 1992
  • Bradley University - B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1990
  • American Society of Civil Engineers - member