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Mark Gray

Computer Systems Analyst


  • User interface design
  • Visualization of large data sets
  • Programming in C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.Net, Java, HTML, SQL, on Unix, Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows


Mr. Gray is a designer and implementer of programs with graphical user interfaces. His training and experience includes over ten years of considering usability concerns such as initial ease of use and streamlined workflow for expert users. He is particularly interested in techniques for displaying large amounts of information in ways that allow enhanced understanding of systems.

Recent work includes design, coding, and maintenance of the BASINS system with particular focus on processing and display of time-varying data.

Mr. Gray joined AQUA TERRA Consultants on a permanent basis in 1996. His first major project was design and construction of a Java application to replace a legacy sediment calculation program. Earlier work with AQUA TERRA occurred during a summer internship in 1993. A prototype system including a new graphical user interface was designed and built for PATRIOT, a program that rates pesticide leaching potential. New visualizations of pesticide and soil data brought users new insight into the properties of soils and pesticides.

Projects that Mr. Gray completed before joining AQUA TERRA include a tool for visualizing the logical structure and traffic characteristics of the internet, a program that uses animated treemaps to display and navigate large hierarchies such as file systems or the usenet newsgroup name space, an algorithm to perform automated control selection and layout for dialog boxes, and a collection of software tools for studying usability by creating, analyzing, and visualizing detailed usage logs.

Professional Data

  • Georgia Institute of Technology - M.S. in Computer Science, 1996
  • Rice University - B.A. in Computer Science, 1991