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Brian Bicknell

Vice President & Senior Environmental Engineer


  • Software Design and Maintenance
  • HSPF Operation and Watershed Modeling
  • Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Fate/Transport


Mr. Bicknell is an environmental engineer with an extensive educational background in chemistry. His areas of expertise are HSPF operations and modeling, the characterization of environmental fate processes of pollutants and the development, testing, and application of environmental simulation models.

Mr. Bicknell has 35 years of experience in environmental engineering and software development. His professional career includes four years as a research assistant in chemistry and environmental engineering, and five years of environmental modeling work at Anderson-Nichols & Co., Inc. In addition to his project work, Mr. Bicknell is Vice President and manages computer resources for AQUA TERRA Consultants.

Mr. Bicknell has participated in and directed numerous modeling studies for U.S. EPA. He developed models for estimating chemical releases from landfills and lagoons; performed testing of a multimedia toxics screening model and an aquatic metals speciation/transport model; performed a detailed literature analysis of the environmental fate processes of DDT; and directed efforts in the use of EPACML, linked to MINTEQA2, for representing metals migration from landfills. He has working experience with a variety of other models including the aquatic fate model EXAMS; soil/groundwater models PRZM-2, SESOIL, AT123D, and RUSTIC; air models ISCLT and PTDIS; and the metals speciation model MINTEQA2.

Mr. Bicknell is an expert in all aspects of the EPA Hydrologic Simulation Program - FORTRAN (HSPF) including software maintenance for EPA and USGS, user-support and training, and model application. He participated in the pilot testing applications of HSPF to watersheds in Iowa; converted the Chesapeake Bay Watershed model to HSPF operation and directed model recalibration work; and directed application to the Patuxent River Basin in Maryland. Since 1986, Mr. Bicknell has designed and directed most major enhancements to the program. These include: 1) integrating HSPF with the USGS Watershed Data Management (WDM) System and the HEC Data Storage System (DSS); 2) addition of sediment-nutrient interactions to the instream model; 3) addition of the SCHEMATIC and MASS-LINK blocks to simplify watershed definition in complex basins; 4) addition of an atmospheric deposition interface; and 5) major enhancements to the AGCHEM modules for simulating forests and agricultural areas.

Professional Data

  • University of Florida - BS, Chemistry (with Honors), 1974
  • University of Florida - MS, Chemistry, 1975
  • Stanford University - MS, Environmental Engineering, 1980
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Geophysical Union
  • Phi Beta Kappa