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Anurag Mishra

Senior Project Engineer


  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Watershed Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Agricultural Engineering


Dr. Mishra is an agricultural engineer with experience in geographic information systems, watershed modeling, TMDL development, and uncertainty analysis in water quality modeling. His experience in these fields combined with his academic background enable him to provide a valuable perspective and innovative solutions to water resources problems.

Academically, Dr. Mishra's focus was estimating uncertainty in water quality modeling using various mathematical and statistical techniques. He was also involved in various bacteria and biological impairment TMDL development projects. Dr. Mishra has experience in HSPF and supporting software used for watershed modeling. He is an experienced user of ArcView and MapWindow, and is proficient in Visual Basic and SQL server scripting.

Dr. Mishra joined AQUA TERRA Consultants in February 2008. He is currently involved in the development of watershed models and TMDLs in Fort Benning (GA), Minnesota, Arkansas, and Oklahoma using the USEPA BASINS framework.

Professional Data

  • Virginia Tech - Ph.D. Biological Systems Engineering, 2011
  • Virginia Tech - M.S. Biological Systems Engineering, 2003
  • Allahabad Agricultural Institute and Deemed University (India) - B. Tech, Agricultural Engineering, 2001

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